Exploring the vintage Signal Hill Mall in Statesville NC and Abandoned Mansion behind it

What is happening with so many businesses on the east side of Statesville?  Why are they closing?

Check out my video for a walkthrough tour of our local vintage 1970’s mall and a peek at the mysterious mansion behind it.

Welcome to the Signal Hill Mall is Statesville NC or as I lovingly call it….The Non Mall.  

We are going to take a step back in time to look at the history and ultimate demise of our local mall from its highest highs to the lowest of lows.  Much of the history has been gathered from a multitude of newspaper articles, other youtube videos, other blogs and websites and the local residents.  

Also in this same area are other businesses that have recently closed down that I will feature in my next video, so keep an eye out for it.  Is there a problem here or just making room for progress?  You be the judge….

The developer of the mall was C & J Associates who had also built the strip mall next door in the 1960s called Newtowne Plaza that will be featured in my next video.  At the same time, I77 was being built and was spurring growth from the center of town to the outskirts along the highway.  With the success of the Newtowne plaza, the developers began to look at a large parcel of land right next door that belonged to Lewis Bowles.  He had a large estate home and barn with horses that roamed the pastures where this mall now stands. What is left of his home still remains behind the mall and is quite spooky.  I’ll drop a link to a couple videos where others have explored it.  It is not really accessible and covered in vines and hard to see.  (See my insert and notes below)

Plans were announced in 1971 and in August of 1973 the Signal Hill Mall opened with 250,000 sf of  space anchored by Belk, Woolworths and Spainhours.  The road in front of the mall was Signal Hill which came from a radio station that had its tower out here in 1957.  I always thought it was because of all the traffic signals that were there on the hill!!  Oh well.  

By 1988, The mall had added a 4th wing with JCPenny.  It had 42 stores, employed over 700 people and was now 350,000 s.f.  There was also a Winn Dixie grocery store at the back of the mall detached from the main structure and a community police center.  

Woolworths became Hills department store and then Sears in 1994 and Spainhour became Peebles which closed in the early 2000’s.  JCPenny closed in 2015 leaving only Belk as an anchor store and it is still open today.  

You can see that the front of the mall still looks like it did in 1973 and the rest of the mall shows that same vintage 1970’s style.  Very little has been touched since it was first constructed which I imagine is the biggest problem. 

Currently there are only 4 businesses left in the mall with one Anchor Store.  IHOP is still hanging on as the only restaurant.  Across from it used to be a barbeque place and then JD’s Deli and I used to get my hair cut in a salon that was here in the 2000’s  There is still a cell phone store open on the corner and a jewelry store across from it.  To the right is the Sears wing (originally the Woolworths store) which closed in 2012.  I used to shop there all the time and just outside it used to be a Kaybee Toys, a sports shop and a Payless at one time.  

Down the corridor there were several small stores.  I specifically remember the Chick fil a restaurant as it was the first time I ever had Chick-fil-a and this little raised area was where they had a few small tables to eat your lunch at.  There used to be a GNC and I think a Claire’s store along with Iredell Museums childrens play area.  JC Penny and Peebles (formally Spainhours) was at the end.  This little staging area by the fountains had local musicians and performers come in and entertain the shoppers.  JCPenney closed in 2015 and Peebles sometime in the early 2000’s .

Merle Norman was on the corner here for a very long time and is now in Downtown Statesville and one of my favorite stores was Bookland that was one of the last bookstores around.  Now you have to go to Hickory or Charlotte for a bookstore.  You can see this is the BELK wing and it is the only anchor store left but can only be accessed from the outside now.  The Bath and Body works store was open until just a couple weeks ago when it moved over to the Walmart Shopping Plaza east of I77.  

The story has it that in 2004, plans were laid out to give the mall a facelift and modernize it but the 2007 recession put a halt to those plans.  The owners had stopped taking any new leases in preparation of the renovation and that move in the end was the demise of Peebles and Winn/Dixie along with several smaller stores.  

People had begun to fall out of love with the mall due to the impact it had on the downtown area which ironically has seen a new revival and renovation in recent years ( Click here to see my tour of Downtown Statesville)  

With the size of Statesville, it was pretty unusual in the first place that we even had a mall this size as other larger cities are where you usually find them such as Charlotte, Winston-Salem and Hickory but this little mall survived over 40 years with lots of ups and downs.  To ever make it in today’s world, this little mall would need a major overhaul and a new concept.  

In 2013, there was talk of developer interest and renovations and in 2016 Bob Collier (one of the owners) told the local radio station WSIC that the new mall would look something like Birkdale Village in Huntersville NC which is a mixed use development and quite nice – but as of today June 2021, nothing has happened and a rumor has been floating around that it is supposed to be torn down by the end of the year.  I guess we will see.  I am hopeful that with one of the biggest building booms in history happening now that we will see something positive happen with this property but I think this may be the final days of this mall. It’s always hard to see parts of a town’s history go away.  

I hope you have enjoyed your tour of the Signal Hill Mall in Statesville and I will be sure to update my video when something new happens.  Maybe all the construction and updating of the I77 corridor will help with the decisions that need to be made.  

I will be doing a video on the neighboring Plaza, the KMart, the Bilo and the movie theater that have all closed in this same area so be sure to subscribe to be notified when that is released.

Here is my sneak peak of the Abandoned Bowles Mansion at the back of the Mall.

C & J associates purchased the Bowles Farm in 2001 from the son (Kings Grant properties) in 2001 for 1Million per deed. 215 Signal Hill Dr. Caught fire 6/6/21

2017 view:

2021 View

Inside Shots:

Comment on another youtube video from the granddaughter Liz Johnson in 2021:

Hi! This house was built by my grandparents, Louis and Eugenia Bowles, in the late 40’s. I was born in 1976 and grew up visiting. It was called Kings Grant Farm. They originally owned many acres, including where the mall now sits, and over and beyond where I-77 now runs. My grandfather was in the furniture industry, and also had a dairy farm on their property. Both of my grandparents had passed away by 1987. For several years after that, a care taker lived at the house and kept up the property. Eventually my father and his siblings sold the house and remaining land. I’m not sure how many owners there have been since. Just today, I found several videos of folks exploring the house. It was really quite a lovely home in its heyday. All of the wood in the house(floors, paneling in the library, etc..) was all milled from trees that were on the property. The most surprising thing to me is that there are still family items in the house…I have no idea why it was not completely cleaned out before it was sold, or why the current owners have never done anything with the remaining property/house. At about the 2min mark, you show a framed photo, that is lying flat, in the library. The man on the left is my grandfather. All of that to say, I was fascinated watching your video. Sadly, I watched a newer video, and the house has been totally vandalized. If you’d like, I can probably rustle up some old photos of the house and email them to you. Take care. Liz Bowles Johnson

Resource Links:


OTHER: – 2017 Inside tour of the house  

Harbor Watch on Lake Norman – Statesville NC


Harbor Watch:

Welcome to Harbor Watch on Lake Norman in Statesville NC!  This community is located on the upper end of Lake Norman on the main channel of the Catawba River.  Centrally located between Hickory, Statesville and Mooresville and with easy access to I-40.  You will love the large wooded lots and privacy between homes.  Most of the interior lots range from .75 to over 3 acres!  Waterfront lots range from .5  to over an acre.  As you drive around this neighborhood, you will get the sense you are in the mountains with rolling hills and mature wooded landscape.

Come explore the unique features offered by the Harbor Watch Community.  There are two private islands on Lake Norman offering fun for all.  Bring the family and camp out, hang out on the small beach area, fish or just pull up the boat and visit with your neighbors.  There are also two small interior stocked fishing ponds that are catch and release.  Pull up a seat on the park benches and watch the fun!

If you love boating on Lake Norman, there are community day slips available for you.  Load up the boat in the morning and take off for a day of fun on the lake!  The boat landing has a covered gazebo area, sunning decks and picnic area plus a boat launch area and parking space.  When you finish the day, you can take store your boat in the secure fenced storage area just off Laurel Cove Rd.  This storage area offers plenty of room for RV’s, boats, trailers and additional vehicles.

To get to Harbor Watch on Lake Norman in Statesville NC, take Exit 42 – Troutman- off of I-77 and go north on 21 through town, past the Food Lion.  Take a left on Old Mountain Road to the next light then L on Buffalo Shoals Rd for about 3 miles.  Left on Laurel Cove and the Harbor Watch will be on your right.  You will see the beautifully landscaped front entrance and gate house.



This community has approximately 176 lots and there are still plenty of lots available to build your dream home.  There is an architectural review committee that  will approve your phpjSYYuEAM.jpgplans and provide you with the guidelines for building. Bring you own builder or contact me for recommendations of local building contractors.  You can review the guidelines at the community website:

There are a great variety of homes available for sale in Harbor Watch ranging in price from $250,000 to over a million.  There are waterfront lots, waterview of Lake Norman or of the interior lakes and interior lots.  Search all homes for sale  in Harbor Watch or call me for homes that may not be listed or are coming soon to the market.

Harbor Watch is a private community with private roads that are maintained by the HOA.  Annual dues are currently $600 (please verify current dues) and this includes road maintenance, maintenance of the common areas and amenities.  All homes will have their own septic system and water well.

Take a drive through tour of Harbor Watch:


Living in Statesville NC offers many options for education from public schools, to private options to Higher Education.  Public Schools options with depend on the where you live.  You can visit the Iredell- Statesville Schools Website for school assignments and more information about the school district.  If private schools are what you are searching for, you will find many options such as Statesville Montessori, Cornerstone Christian, Southview Christian Academy and Statesville Christian.  There is also the American Renaissance School in downtown Statesville for grades K-8.  Higher Education options include Mitchell Community College and Gardner Webb University.  Click this link for common questions about enrollment in NC Public Schools.



Statesville is full of activities that will please any age or interest.  Every year you will enjoy the sites and tastes at the Carolina Balloonfest, the Crossroads Pumpkinfest, the annual Christmas Parade or the summer “Friday after Five” Concert series.  Take a visit to the Fort Dobbs Historic Civil War Site or take the kids to Zootastic for a fun fill day with the animals.  You might like to take the downtown guided tour of historic sites or join in on the annual “Amazing Race” sponsored by the Statesville Chamber of Commerce.  Come out for the downtown Art Crawls or take a day visiting one of the local NASCAR Race shops.  If you love horses, a drive out the Love Valley (our very own western town in the Piedmont) and take some horse riding lessons or watch a real rodeo.  You can drive to Troutman for the annual Iredell County Fair or watch the annual Independence Day Parade and Fireworks. Let’s not forget that NC has lots of vineyards in this area and a must see is Daveste Vineyards in Troutman.  A great day of wine tasting and good music!

If enjoying a day on the lake, cruise south below the Hwy 150 bridge and explore Queens Landing for the day.  Enjoy mini golf, outside entertainment, the piano bar and don’t miss the annual 4th of July fireworks.  Check out one of the local waterfront restaurants on Lake Norman and enjoy a fabulous lunch. Find one of the local sandbars and hang for the day or just spend the day skiing, tubing and swimming.  It’s a great place to play for the day!

Located just a few miles away is the Lake Norman State Park where you can enjoy camping, hiking, bike riding through miles of trails, swimming and much more.


In every city or town you choose to live, some things you must have access to are good hospitals and other resources such as a library and recreational facilities.  Living in Statesville NC will give you many choices when it comes to your health and family.  Statesville is home to Iredell Memorial Hospital and Davis Regional Medical Center and is only a short distance from Lake Norman Regional Medical, Carolinas Medical Center, Presbyterian Hospital and specialty medical facilities such as the Lavine Children’s Hospital and Wake Forest Medical Center.

Statesville has a beautiful library close to downtown and offers recreational facilities for families at the Statesville Fitness and Activity Center, the YMCA, the Boys and Girls Club, ZX Fitness, All American Fitness, Total Fitness and more.

Thinking of selling your Harbor Watch Home or buying in Harbor Watch?harborwatchislands2.jpg

Work with experience.  I have personally been a part of over 8 transactions in Harbor Watch and know the community very well.  I can answer all your questions or show you any homes for sale.  Feel free to contact me today for my marketing plan or to schedule an appointment.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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Your Real Estate Closing just got a little faster in Mooresville NC!

That’s right.  Mooresville NC just opened a satellite office for the Register of Deeds.  This is good news for those buyers and sellers that close in the southern part of Iredell County.  The main office of the Iredell County Register of Deeds is located in Statesville now and attorneys have to use couriers to record the final documents.  In many cases, the new buyers are unable to receive the keys to their new home until the deed is recorded and it becomes a waiting game.  The new office will be located close to downtown Mooresville in the old Lowrance Hospital on Center St.   Read more….