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Why do I need to hire a Real Estate Agent?

Why hire a real estate agent?  Why don’t I just sell it myself and save the commission?  These are great questions and ones asked by just about every homeowner  considering selling their home.  You see For Sale By Owner signs all over your community and think that may be the easy way to do it.  Just grab a sign, put your phone number on it and hope for the best.  Some people have great luck with this method but statistics show that 85% will eventually list with a real estate agent.  Why?  Because selling homes is what an Agent does.  j0238367

Where would you go if you had a tooth ache? The Dentist.  Where would you go if you needed tax advice? An Accountant.  Where would you turn if your furnace broke?  An HVAC expert.  You would turn to an expert in the field for services you require.  When selling your home, you need a professional to help you through.

So….what does an agent do for all that money?  First of all, let’s clarify that in most cases, “all that money” in broken up into many different areas and only a portion of that actually goes to your agent.  Usually you would pay part to the buyers agent that brings the buyer, part would go your agents company they work for, then there is the marketing, gas, supplies, advertising and taxes that have to come out before your agent actually gets paid. 

What does the agent actually do for me?  Great question and one that requires a very long answer but I will summarize for you some of the most important aspects that your agent will handle for you.

Help you stage your home to look it’s best
Prepare all the paperwork to comply with NC law
Prospect for buyers through advertising and other agents
Put all the information on the multiple listing service so that it goes out to all agents and top real estate sites for buyers to see
Coordinate showings and gather feedback from agents
Provide pricing recommendations and market updates
Help negotiate the best price and terms for your home
Guide you through inspections, recommend professional services for needed repairs and make sure you meet deadlines
Set up closing and get all necessary paperwork to the attorney
Help you find another home and coordinate your close so that it is seamless


This list goes on and on and cannot begin to cover things a professional will do for you.  So how do you know who to select?  Do your homework.  Ask friends and family who they used.  Interview agents and ask critical questions and look for testimonials.  Research agents and see how long they have been in business, what is their volume, are they full time?  Do they know the area well? What is their online presence?  What is their marketing plan for your home? How will they communicate with you and how often? Find someone you can trust to work hard for you and that you like.  This will be a long process and you don’t want to get stuck with someone you don’t mesh with.  Don’t go in this blind, it is too important. 


I will be back tomorrow with the next installment in the series:  What can I expect during the listing period?

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