What can I expect at the closing table?

What can I expect at the closing table? You are almost there!  Most of the hard part is behind you now.  Once the buyer has completed  inspections and you have worked out and completed all the requested repairs, you are headed into the home stretch.  At this point, you are waiting on confirmation that the […]

What can I do to prepare for my move?

What can I do to prepare for my move? Preparing to move is a huge undertaking, but if done in an organized and strategic manner, it can go smoothly.  More than likely, you have already packed up some of your personal items to get ready for listing.  At this point, you need to start packing […]

My home is under contract. What are my next steps

My home is under contract – What are my next steps? You have made it through the negotiations and accepted an offer on your home.  Now, your Realtor® is going to really get to work!  This part of the home sales process is one of the toughest.  There are many things during this critical period […]

I have received an offer on my house, Now What?

I have received an offer on my house. Now what? Your Realtor has just informed you that he/she has received an offer on your property! Now what? I know your head is full of questions that you want ask your agent but it is best to just sit down with your agent and go through […]

How can I maximize showing opportunities?

How can I maximize showing opportunities? Showings: Very soon after your home shows up for sale on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), other real estate agents will expect to be able to show your home. The agent will call the showing service to schedule the showing and receive any special instructions.  In most cases they […]

What can I expect during the listing period?

Now that you have signed the listing paperwork and have prepared your home to looks its very best, your listing will be placed on the local Multiple Listing Service and will be visible to all the agents that are members of that MLS.  Your listing will also be syndicated out to many other real estate […]

Why do I need to hire a Real Estate Agent?

Why hire a real estate agent?  Why don’t I just sell it myself and save the commission?  These are great questions and ones asked by just about every homeowner  considering selling their home.  You see For Sale By Owner signs all over your community and think that may be the easy way to do it.  […]

What do I need to do to prepare my home for sale?

You made the decision to put your home on the market so that you can move forward with your plans. Maybe you are relocating, moving up to a larger home, downsizing to a smaller home or just selling it all to go travel the world!  Whatever your reason, you need to get your home SOLD […]

Seller Questions Answered – A preview to listing your home for Sale

  So you are considering putting your home up for sale?  This is a big decision that thousands of homeowners make every day and in many cases, don’t have a clue where to start or know what to do to get the process going.  Over the next two weeks, I will try to answer many […]