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What can I expect at the closing table?

You are almost there!  Most of the hard part is behind you now.  Once the buyer has completed  inspections and you have worked out and completed all the requested repairs, you are headed into the home stretch.  At this point, you are waiting on confirmation that the buyers financing is complete, the final loan package has been sent to the closing attorney and you have been given a clear to close.  You should receive a copy of the preliminary HUD-1 for review at least a day before closing.  Don’t be surprised, however, if you don’t see one until you are sitting at the closing table.

HUD-1 or Closing DIsclosure:

This document is what you will sign at closing that will have all the numbers associated with the transaction in one place.  You should get this document just before the closing from your Realtor and you should go over every line carefully to make sure all information is correct and that you understand what each line represents.  Your attorney will go over this in detail at the closing, but it is a good idea to head off any problems in advance so that you don’t have changes at the closing table.  If you have to make changes on the day of closing, it could delay the recording of the deed and your ability to get your funds.

Here is what you want to look for:

  • Make sure your name and the property address is correct.
  • Review the seller side to make sure the Purchase price is correct.  The seller side is the right side of the document.  It is a good idea to start on page 2 where the breakdown of all the seller paid closing costs are listed.  You will see the commission paid to the Real Estate Firm, any attorney fees, recording costs and doc stamp fees.  In NC, the seller must pay $2.00 per $1000 of the purchase price.
  • Review any additional costs such as a survey, contractor costs for repairs not paid, inspections done by the seller or anything else the seller needs to pay out of the proceeds.
  • Back on page one, make sure the purchase price is correct. Review any adjustments made for pro-rated taxes and HOA fees.    Seller fees from page 2 will also show up here to be deducted.  This page will show what the proceeds from the sale will be or if you need to come to the table with any funds.  There will be a few other sheets attached that will give more detail on where the numbers come from.

At closing, you will sign 5-6 copies for all parties.  This form needs to be correct and the lender for the buyer needs to approve it before funds can be released and the deed can be recorded.


All parties to the transaction must be present to sign unless other arrangements have already been made.  If you are unable to be at the closing, you will need to make arrangements to have the documents sent to you in advance so that you can sign and have notarized and get back to the attorney in time for the close.  You can also arrange to have a power of attorney  to allow someone else to sign for you.  In many states, even if the spouse is not on the deed, they will still need to sign to sell the home.  Please check with the closing attorney if you are unsure.  You will need to bring your ID and any funds (if necessary).

The attorney will normally sit down with all parties, get everyone’s ID’s and then review the HUD-1 Settlement Statement with everyone. If everything is correct, all parties will sign several copies and an original will be given to the seller, the buyer, the attorney and the agents.  There will be a few more documents you will need to sign along with the deed and then you are done!  You will not need to stay while the buyer signs their documents.

Please bring along any keys, remote controls and anything else the buyer will need for the home.  You may want to go over a few things with the new buyers before you leave such as alarm codes, important numbers or anything else that would be helpful.  This can be a very emotional time for many sellers and they want to be sure they have covered everything and know that their home is in good hands.


After the buyers has signed all the loan documents, the attorney will fax or email the lender the final signed package for review.  They will then authorize the deed to be recorded and funds to be disbursed.  Normally, any funds you are expecting can be picked up the same day if the closing is done early enough.  In some cases, the recording of the deed can be delayed along with your funds The attorney will hold the keys until the deed has been recorded. Have patience and all things will get worked out in a timely manner.

That’s it!  You are done and on to your next home.

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