Can I say – I am so Jealous!

I cannot believe how “techie” kids are these days!  I am amazed when I watch my 2 year old granddaughter operate my IPad better than I do.  This article in the Statesville Record and Landmark talks about the Statesville Christian School here in Statesville NC that purchased 22 IPads, 6 Kindles and a smart board for the elementary school children this year.

All I had was a green chalkboard with the ABC’s across the top and some messy chalk (you remember that don’t you!) We had those lovely Britannica Encyclopedias if you needed to do some research and don’t forget that awesome world globe that sat in the corner.  For movies we got to grab our lovely wooden chairs and march down the school halls to the AV room and sit nicely in a row (this is where I got my first kiss) in the dark.  Oh, and don’t forget the best technology of our time……..the overhead projector!  How cool were we? 

Obviously not as cool as the kids today.  What a great way to learn and to keep their attention.  Kids can go mobile with everything they need right in their hands.  You gotta love technology. 


Statesville Christian puts technology in students’ hands