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Using your IRA to invest in Real Estate

Ever thought of using your IRA to buy investment properties?

One stumbling block that many of the leads and inquiries I receive is the lack of finance options for investment property.  Many of these deals are cash buyers but investors often seek out finance programs to purchase one of the “great deals” out there on today’s market.  One option I would like to offer is using your IRA to purchase real estate.  Did you know you had that option?  Neither do a lot of people.  I had attended a training class a few years ago that gave me some great information on the subject and it has stuck with me ever since. I thought I would pass it along to you this week.  If you want an alternative to the stock market and would like to avoid financing an investment property, check out this link: 

Investing in Real Estate with your IRAj0402784   

Got you thinking yet???? 

Tom Lundstedt is an excellent real estate trainer and accountant and really knows his stuff.  I have his workbooks on purchasing and analyzing rental property and if you would like to look at his worksheets, let me know. I am happy to share (and I have permission to share with you!)  One thing you want to be sure of is this…that you have a good accountant that knows how to handle this this type of transaction on your tax return.  Make some calls and do your homework. 

There are alternatives to traditional financing, you just need the resources to find them.  Put that IRA to work for you today.

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