Tour the vintage Signal Hill Mall in Statsville NC and the creepy Mansion behind it!

Tour the Signal Hill Mall in Statesville NC and the creepy mansion behind it! What is happening with so many businesses on the east side of Statesville?  Why are they closing? Check out my video for a walkthrough tour of our local vintage 1970’s mall and a peek at the mysterious mansion behind it. to […]

Statesville NC – Where it all comes together!

Our new logo says it all – “Where it all comes together.”  There are so many people coming together in Statesville to ensure our town survives and thrives in the coming years and we should all be proud of the work they do.  I would like to recognize the  The City of Statesville, Downtown Statesville, […]

Within Driving Distance of Statesville – The Grove Park Inn and Spa.

   From Statesville, travel west on Interstate 40 to Ashville NC, home to the beautiful Grove Park Inn.  Built in 1913, this Inn is loaded with history.  My husband and I had the pleasure of visiting the Inn for our 23rd wedding anniversary and enjoying the fabulous mountain views.   Upon arrival, you are greeted […]

10 great reasons to live in Statesville North Carolina.

After moving here more than 12 years ago, I can certainly think of more that 10 reasons to live in Statesville, but I will highlight what I feel are the best attributes of Statesville and the surrounding areas.   #1. Weather!  After moving here from New England, I can tell you that warmer is better.  When […]