Can I say – I am so Jealous!

I cannot believe how “techie” kids are these days!  I am amazed when I watch my 2 year old granddaughter operate my IPad better than I do.  This article in the Statesville Record and Landmark talks about the Statesville Christian School here in Statesville NC that purchased 22 IPads, 6 Kindles and a smart board for the elementary school children this year.

All I had was a green chalkboard with the ABC’s across the top and some messy chalk (you remember that don’t you!) We had those lovely Britannica Encyclopedias if you needed to do some research and don’t forget that awesome world globe that sat in the corner.  For movies we got to grab our lovely wooden chairs and march down the school halls to the AV room and sit nicely in a row (this is where I got my first kiss) in the dark.  Oh, and don’t forget the best technology of our time……..the overhead projector!  How cool were we? 

Obviously not as cool as the kids today.  What a great way to learn and to keep their attention.  Kids can go mobile with everything they need right in their hands.  You gotta love technology. 


Statesville Christian puts technology in students’ hands

Iredell County High School Football Schedules

Football ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?  School is back and so is Football!  Put on your cheek paint, dig out your team jersey and come out to cheer for your favorite team (and try to be nice to your not so favorite team).  High School football is one event that brings so many together for fun, socializing and some good ole competition!  I have gathered the fall schedules together for Iredell County football teams (please remember these are subject to change). 








Back to School in Iredell County with Iredell-Statesville Schools

j0439450 It is back to school in Iredell County and there are tons of things to organize and prepare for.  Clothes, shoes, school tools, book bags, scheduling, orientation and bus routes just to name some of the biggies.  This is a hectic time for kids and parents and putting it all together can be daunting. I have compiled some basic information to help get you started in the right direction.  (Please note that this information is subject to change – please contact your child’s school to verify all information and schedules).

OPEN HOUSE:  Some of the schools held open house in the beginning of August but most are being held next week.  Here is a link to the Dates and Times of Open House for Iredell-Statesville Schools.


SCHOOL CALENDARS: The first day of School for Iredell Statesville is August 25th and here is the last revised calendar for Holidays, Early release days and Teacher workdays.  You can also view the calendar for the Visual Arts Program and Early College Programs.


School Supplies 3 BUS ROUTES:  Here is a link to the estimated bus routes for Iredell Statesville Schools.  Please be sure to contact the school before school starts to verify times and stops because they are subject to change.  Be sure to have the kids out there on time and expect some delays until the drivers get used to the schedule.

SCHOOL MENUS:  Bag lunch or lunch tray?  This is a decision many parents face and is often a topic of many arguments with the child.  To help you make the decision a little easier, here is the School Lunch Menus that are planned.

SCHOOL SUPPLIES:  Not sure what to buy for the first day of school?  Click on the link for your school to locate a suggested list of school tools from many of the class teachers.


Brawley Middle

Career Academy and Technical School

Celeste Henkel Elementary

Central Elementary

Cloverleaf Elementary School

Coddle Creek Elementary

Collaborative College Technology and Leadership

Cool Springs Elementary

East Iredell Elementary

East Iredell Middle

Harmony Elementary

Lake Norman Elementary

Lake Norman High

Lakeshore Elementary

Lakeshore Middle

Monticello School

Mt. Mourne School

N,B. Mills Elementary

North Iredell High

North Iredell Middle

Northview School

Pressly School

Scotts Elementary

Sharon Elementary

Shepherd Elementary

South Iredell High School

Statesville High

Statesville Middle

The Visual and Performing Arts Center

Third Creek Elementary

Troutman Elementary

Troutman Middle

Union Grove Elementary

West Iredell Middle

West Iredell High

Woodland Heights Elementary


I hope this helps you get the year off the a great start and helps you stay organized. 

P.S.  Don’t forget to make a donation to School Tools in participating stores and businesses to help those children that cannot afford the supplies they need to get off to a great start.